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Sky and Landscape





Another picture ... from our day out

entry 23 22/05/2014

Janice was well prepared ... even had an easel !





A day out at Kates House

entry 22 22/05/2014

May 2014 we had a lovely day out painting at Kates house. Sunshine, good food sketching painting and even a little tennis !





The trees and foreground

entry 21 22/01/2014

Put in the distant trees, reflections and foreground trees. Again using just Paynes grey; but this time a stronger mix.





The middle ground

entry 20 22/01/2014

Put in the distance hills and submerged hedgerows





The sky

entry 19 22/01/2014

Just using paynes grey a fabulous sky can be created. Paynes grey dries much lighter than you think.





The trees and hedgerow

entry 18 17/01/2014

Finally put in the trees and hedgerow. Use much thicker paint. The colours I used were burnt sienna, burnt umber and the blue already on my pallette .





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