Bridget Jones



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Sky and Landscape





Bridget Jones

I paint in watercolour and acrylic and oil, my particular interest is landscape. My work is bold and free flowing often with dramatic skies; I strive to convey the feel of the English countryside. I have been painting since 2002 and am self-taught and have attended courses with other professional artists. I have lived in Lincolnshire since 2007 and love the open skies of this area. I also spend time in Norfolk and so many of my painting are inspired by the North Norfolk coast.

I am an experienced qualified teacher and run watercolour classes and drawing workshops. My courses are run in a workshop style and are lively and interactive.


May 2018 Gunby Hall (National Trust), Art-on-the-Map, Group Exhibition
June 2018 , Gunby Hall (National Trust), Solo Exhibition




July 2017 Gunby Hall with Art on the Map Group
October 2017, Art instruction on Fred Olsen Cruise Ship
Dec 2017 Caistor Art Centre - Bridget Jones and Bob Amstrong Louth Artists




July 2016 - Lincoln Cathedral, Art on the Map Artists
Oct 2016 - Art instructor on a Fred Olsen cruise ship




Feb 2015 Sam scorer Exhibition with Art on the Map Artists - group
Sept 2015 Blakeney - Solo Exhibition
Nov 2015 Art on the Map Open Studio- solo exhibition




Jan 2014 Park Gallery, Louth, Joint Exhibition
April 2014 Blakeney Quay - solo Exhibition
May 2014 Art on the Map- Open studio
June 2014 Lincoln Cathedral- Solo Exhibition
July 2014 St James Church Louth - Joint Exhibition
Aug- Sept 2014 Embassy theatre Skegness - Art on the Map exhibition




April 2013, Lincoln Cathedral - Group Exhibition
May 2013 Art on the Map Open Studio
July 2013 Louth festival Art Trail , Group Exhibition
July 2012 Marshchapel Art Exhibition - Group Exhibition
Aug 2012 Blakeney Quay Exhibition - Solo Exhibition




wolds walk2012
May 2012 Art on the Map Open Studio
July 2012 Art Trail , Louth - Group Exhibition
July 2012 Marshchapel Art Exhibition - Group Exhibition
July 2012 Manby Church Exhibition - Group Exhibition
Sept 2012 Lincoln Cathedral - Mixed Pallette Group Exhibition






Feb 2011; 1st -28th Riverhead Theatre Louth - Solo Exhibition;
March 2011; 7-20th Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln - Solo Exhibition
July 2011 - Marshchapel Arts - Group Exhibition
July 2011- Manby Church - Group Exhibition
Aug -Sept 2011 - Lincoln Cathederal, Chapter House - Group exhibition with mixed palatte
Nov- Dec 2011 - Mansion House, Louth - Solo Exhibition




wolds walkJune 2010 Spout Yard gallery, Louth - Solo Exhibition
December 2010 Mansion House, Upgate, Louth - Joint Exhibition with Anne Harris
October 2007 Lindsey Art Association, Cleethorpes - Group Exhibition,
Nov 2007 Holy Trinity Art Exhibition, Louth - Group Exhibition
Feb-April 2008 Ferens Art Gallery, Hull - Open Group Exhibition (selected)
August 2008 Westgate, Louth - Solo Exhibition
October 2008 Lindsey Art Association Cleethorpes - Group Exhibition




Feb-April 2009 Ferens Art Gallery, Hull - Open Group Exhibition (selected)
May 2009 Ausstellung Haus Bachem, Germany Group exhibition
May 2009 Grimsby Library, North Lincolnshire Artists Exhibition (selected)
June 2009 Spout Yard Gallery, Louth - Solo Exhibition