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Watercolour Materials List

 Don’t worry if you are short of something I am sure as a group we can sort it out.

Art suppliers:   H and J crafts Louth, The Range ( Boston, Grimsby, Lincoln),  Ken Bromley (online)

Watercolour Paper any size. If you are buying some I recommend - arches rough 140lb (300gsm). It’s a bit expensive, so if you are looking for an alternative just go for a quality rough paper such as Bockingford, Langton or Fabriano. Avoid paper sold by discount stores; it looks good but behaves badly!

Sketch pad ( just cartridge paper)

Charcoal , Pencil 6B and rubber

Rag - such as a bit of an old t-shirt 

Board ,  Peg, Marg tub - for your paper, slightly bigger than your paper and peg to hold paper on board and a marg tub (empty!) to rest the board on. Alternatively just the paper pad and a marg tub.  

Brushes (just 2)   one big round one eg no 16 or no 18 (this brush should go to a point when you wet it) . H and J crafts Louth do sell watercolour brushes and one small one eg a rigger no 3.  

Watercolour paints – tubes are better than pans. If you have got some already bring what you have; then we can work out any additional paints you might need.  If you haven’t already got paints and are starting out; I recommend from the

Winsor and Newton Cotman range:  Ultramarine blue ,  Raw sienna,   Burnt sienna,   Burnt Umber,  Alizarin crimson,  Cadmium red,  Lemon yellow,  Cadmium yellow

From the Winsor and Newton Artists quality range:   Paynes grey ( needs to be Artists quality )


A few additional bits which aren't essential

Black waterproof ink  

Ceruleum Blue w/c,  Intense blue w/c, Viridian green w/c, Sepia w/c

For flowers...  permanent rose or rose madder (pink),  windsor violet,  Scarlet lake (red),  Mauve,  sap green


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